My discounts

Your year-end bonus (BFA)


For a minimum annual purchase threshold of 10 k€ in 2023 per company, you can benefit from the BFA (registration date limit: 05/31/2023). This BFA will be paid to you in May 2024.

Amount of the BFA according to your purchases in 2023, compared to those of the year 2022 :

  • Increase in turnover ≥ 15% BFA = 1.5% of your purchases.
  • Increase in turnover ≥ 20% BFA = 2% of your purchases.
  • Increase in turnover ≥ 25% BFA = 2.5% of your purchases.
  • Increase in turnover ≥ 30% BFA = 3% of your purchases.
  • Increase in turnover ≥ 35% BFA = 3.5% of your purchases.
  • Increase in turnover ≥ 40% BFA = 4% of your purchases.

For new customers (less than one year of seniority), you can contact our sales department to set up a manual BFA.

BFA discount

Your brand discounts

You benefit from a specific discount for each brand:


For the CMW brand, the discount is the same for all product

product lines and depends on the annual volume of your purchases.

For other brands, the discount may vary depending on the products

products concerned.

On request, our technical sales representatives specialized by geographical area will be happy to confirm all your brand discounts.

Your internet discount


Benefit from a 7% discount which is applied to all your confirmed orders on before 12:00 pm

However, for "express" orders "express" orders which must be shipped the same day: in order to avoid unnecessary congestion of the supply chain, the price adjustment changes at the end of the day:

  • 7% discount for express orders confirmed by 12:00 noon
  • 5% discount for express orders confirmed until 5pm.
  • 25€ surcharge for orders confirmed between 5pm and 6pm
  • 50 € surcharge for orders confirmed between 6pm and 7pm
Internet discount

Your progressive discounton the cmw brand


The progressive discount increases automatically with the amount of your order: the higher the amount of your order, the higher your additional discount. This discount reduces the price of your IKO and KOYO bearings by up to 17.5% and your CMW items by up to 35%.

Example with CMW brand :

  • ≥   500 Euros :   5% additional discount
  • ≥ 1000 Euros : 10% additional discount
  • ≥ 1500 Euros : 15% additional discount
  • ≥ 2000 Euros : 20% additional discount
  • ≥ 2500 Euros : 25% additional discount
  • ≥ 3000 Euros : 30% additional discount
  • ≥ 3500 Euros : 35% additional discount
Progressive discount

Your quantity discount


This discount can be up to .. 50 % ! It is automatically activated in the following case: Manufacturing to order.

Due to their specificity, several thousands of references are manufactured only on order by our CMW factory. Since the costs of setting up the machines are the same for 1 or 100 pieces, you can obtain a price up to 10 times cheaper, if the number of pieces justifies it. This is the case, for example, with stainless steel sprockets that are not stocked.

Your minimum order


If the amount of your order is lower than the displayed value, a message will warn you of the possibility of completing.

  • 30 € for a national delivery
  • 100€ for an international delivery