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All you need to know about mechanical transmission sprockets

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Date of publication : 02/10/2023

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Mechanical drive sprockets play an essential role in many mechanical systems. Find out how they work, what types they are and how ...

What are mechanical transmission sprockets ?

Mechanical transmission gears are mechanical parts for multiple uses. They are therefore found in many mechanical systems. It comes in the form of a disc, most often metallic, equipped with teeth on its exterior. It is these teeth which will allow other mechanical parts to be driven. This is why gears are mechanical parts that guarantee mechanical transmission, which can be power or movement.

Mechanical sprockets are found in gears and in transmission chains. We are talking here about transmission by friction, since it is the friction of a part on the pinion which ensures mechanical transmission. In a gear, the mechanical pinion designates the smaller of the two castellated wheels, the one which meshes.

We often associate the sprocket with the sprocket of the bicycle chain. In this case, it acts in a transmission chain: the pinion, when rotating, drives the transmission chain, which itself drives the plate, and therefore the wheels.

Types of mechanical sprockets 

Mechanical gears can have different tooth configurations adapted to their specific functions. They are available in single, double or triple versions and are available with options such as keyed bores, pre-bores or removable hubs.

Removable hub sprockets

The mechanical gears ISO with removable hub,high quality steel or cast iron are used to determine reduction ratios and power transmission. They are specially designed to fit a narrow removable hub which makes them easy to attach to the driveshaft. These gears offer exceptionally strong teeth and thus provide great durability. Their advantage lies in the flexibility they offer, as the hub can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. They play an important role in various industrial applications, ensuring reliable power transmission and optimal longevity.

Pre-bored sprockets

Sprockets for roller chains are available in standard pre-bored versions, offering single, double and triple configurations, with different pitches and complying with BS, ANSI and AS standards. However, these pre-bored gears require additional machining for use in a transmission system. Chain drives are widely used in various industries including shipping, agriculture, forestry, food and pharmaceutical, engineering and fishing.

Keyed bored sprockets

The keyed bored gears have two holes for pressure screws,for immediate availability of different sizes and designs.. Keying, used for the precise assembly of mechanical components, guarantees robust power transmission. Boring, a machining operation meticulous, is used to accurately process the inner surface of a hollow workpiece

Cast iron wheels with removable hub

Cast iron wheels with removable hubs have been specially designed to adapt to different types of chains, single, double or triple,according to specific needs of the wheel.They are destined to be used with removable hubs when set at the tree training. The gears are suitable for simple chains,double gears to the chains doubles and the triple gears with triple chains.The wheels cast iron are solid and durable,which guarantees reliable and efficient power transmission. The possibility of withdrawing and replacing the hub provides great flexibility when assembling drivetrain components.

Handling sprockets 

Conveyors often experience wear and tear due to the harsh conditions they are exposed to. The ability to provide a replacement solution at any time is highly valued by our customers. When conveyor chain sprockets, also called material handling sprockets, show signs of wear, it can lead to accelerated deterioration of the chain, requiring rapid replacement. However, premature replacement may result in unnecessary costs. A careful inspection of the gear teeth quickly determines their state of wear. Conveyor sprockets have a relatively low cost compared to the overall cost of the conveyor.

Keyed bored sprockets

Keyed bored sprockets have two screw holes and are available in different sizes and shapes. In the precise assembly of mechanical components, the necessary keying ensures reliable power. Drilling is a careful processing that ensures the accuracy of processing the inner surface of the hollow workpiece. ITAFRAN sprockets are distinguished by their treated teeth, which provide increased durability.

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