Geared motor assembly

Our tailor-made service

A poorly assembled gearmotor won't work properly!

That's why we insist on impeccable assembly to ensure your gearmotor runs smoothly. Put your trust in our assembly expertise, and rest assured you'll get a gearmotor that works perfectly.

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Customized assembly of your motors and gearboxes, including flange changes and torque reduction. Our experienced team ensures customized configurations

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What is a geared motor?


A geared motor is a mechanical device that combines an electric motor and a gearbox in a single compact unit. Its main role is to reduce the motor's rotational speed and increase its torque output to deliver power more suited to a specific application.


Geared motors can amplify the driving force while reducing the speed of rotation, making them extremely useful for tasks requiring slow, powerful movement. The choice of the right gearmotor will depend on the technical characteristics of the specific application, such as the load to be supported, the speed required, the torque needed, energy efficiency, etc.


Our expertise


Highly qualified and specialized in creating combinations perfectly adapted to your needs, our team is at your disposal to assemble your motors and gearboxes in our workshop.


Thanks to our extensive stock of carefully selected motors and gearboxes, we are able to satisfy your needs immediately. Our immediate availability of this equipment ensures a rapid and efficient response to all your projects.


  • Save time and effort by entrusting us with the assembly of your gearmotors, you free yourself from logistical constraints, saving precious time so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your project.


  • Reliability and durability reliability and durability: Thanks to our expertise and the use of quality components, our assembled gearmotors are renowned for their reliability and long service life, reducing maintenance costs over the long term.


  • Dedicated customer service dedicated customer service: Our team is at your side every step of the way, offering you personalized customer service to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.


  • Responsiveness and availability: We are committed to responding quickly to your gearmotor assembly needs, enabling you to benefit from efficient solutions within the required timeframe.
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