The Clusel-Roch family, established in Ampuis since 1940, has more recently expanded its vineyard with a few parcels in Millery on the outskirts of Lyon - AOP Coteaux du Lyonnais. Here, they produce a lively, fresh Chardonnay with citrus and floral aromas. Ideal as an aperitif, with shellfish, fish or goat's cheese...

Domaine Laurent Habrard, located some 30 kilometers south of Lyon along the Rhône, has been in the family for 5 generations. Laurent Habrard is a happy winemaker, producing wines that are immediately appealing, fruity and refined

A sugar-free, alcohol-free spirit made in France, JNPR 2 is ideal with a tonic, a squeeze of lime and a few mint leaves. To recover from the festive season, while continuing to indulge yourself.

L'atelier du cuisinier is located in Paimpol, Brittany. A cannery specializing in fish and seafood, created by a former Michelin-starred restaurant chef, the recipes are colorant- and preservative-free, with just the right amount of character and balance. Simply delicious.

Located in Saint-André-de-Sangonis near Montpellier, Rue Traversette serves up 100% plant-based spreads for our aperitifs. Fruits, vegetables, spices and always that little touch of originality that makes a difference... All without gluten, additives or preservatives.

Les Terrines de Pierre are terrines made from farmhouse pigs from Lyon, using a maximum of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables from local farmers wherever possible. But Les Terrines de Pierre is also, and above all, a unique texture and taste, thanks to a long, gentle cooking process that preserves the flavour of the products.

Bellota-Bellota is dedicated to the best of Iberian gastronomy, combining the best of Spain and France. Made with carefully selected quality ingredients, hand-picked potatoes, extra virgin olive oil and pink Himalayan salt, renowned for its many virtues. Perfect chips for the perfect aperitif!

The Lyon cushion is a speciality of Lyon created by master chocolatier Voisin. It has become a gastronomic ambassador for the city of Lyon. The Coussin de Lyon consists of a smooth chocolate ganache set in a thin layer of candied almond paste. Its patented recipe takes four days to make.

Reinterpreted by Voisin in their chocolate version, Quenelles de Lyon form a duo of pralines, one creamy, pure Piedmont hazelnut with cocoa bean slivers; the other crunchy, pure Valencia almond, coated with a thin white chocolate coating.

Lyon is undeniably renowned for its gastronomy, and the pink praline is one of the city's iconic specialties. The Voisin master chocolatiers make them entirely by hand. From the roasting of the finest Spanish almonds, to the sugar coating in a copper cauldron.

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