Poly-V grooved belts - Conveyxonic

The Hutchinson flexonic poly-v belt is a resistant flexible circular belt made of glass fiber cord and reinforced with a polyamide fabric. The belts are flat or trapezoidal and can be smooth, notched or ribbed to increase their adherence to the pulleys of an agricultural or industrial machine. The quality is in accordance with the standards of the original manufacturers.

The ConveyXonic belt with elastic cord transmits power from the drive roller to the slave rollers of the conveyor. This solution is obtained by molding and is of the highest quality and offers a durability that greatly reduces maintenance costs. It reduces the overall cost of the conveyor by reducing the number of drive rollers. Its elastic polyamide cord gives it unequalled advantages:

  • Reliability and quality of the transmission
  • Absorption of vibrations and reduction of noise
  • Elimination of the tensioning element.
  • Mounting on fixed center distance possible, no retention necessary on the assembly.
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