New range : Tiller belts

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Date of publication : 02/02/2022

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We offer a complete range of belts to meet your needs.

Tiller belts

Find at Itafran a complete range of belts for power tillers.
We offer a complete range of belts to meet your needs for original equipment or replacement belts, specially adapted for the different types of cultivators. Our Turf Drive belts, classic or hexagonal section belts and our synchronous double toothed belts will perfectly answer the common and difficult uses of all types of tillers.

Our CMW TURF DRIVE belts use a styrene-butadiene compound and natural rubber and high-tension aramid cords to outperform all other standard belts for mowing and gardening equipment. Available in 3L, 4L & 5L high performance Aramid profiles.

Our double-sided hexagonal belts with polyester tension cords combine high flexibility with low elongation - a requirement for double-sided belts. They are ideally suited for serpentine drives. Available in AA, BB, CC.

Our double-sided curvilinear synchronous belts with spiral glass fiber tension cords combine precise positioning, dimensional stability and flexibility without elongation. The combination of the best materials and fiberglass ensures balanced power. Our rubber compound offers perfect meshing and high resistance to wear and vibration. The most popular sizes are: 1600-DS8M-20, 1760-DS8M-20, 1800-DS8M-16, 1800-DS8M-25, 2000-DS8M-20 & 2600-DS8M-20.

Our classic wrapped V-belts are ideal replacement belts for mowing and agricultural machines. The polyester tension cords, NBR rubber body and special industrial fabric cover provide excellent protection against abrasion and occasional impact, as well as the necessary grip and strong transmission forces. Available in Z, A & B sections (10, 13 & 18 mm wide).

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