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ITAFRAN - The Koyo brand becomes Jtekt

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Date of publication : 11/08/2022

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On the occasion of their 100th anniversary, Koyo is rebranding itself. From now on, the bearings brand is called Jtekt.

On the occasion of their 100th anniversary, Koyo is rebranding. From now on, the bearing brand will be called Jtekt.

New in the bearing market

JTEKT Corporation will unify all its trademarks to the JTEKT brand. This means that the Koyo brand (brand for bearings) will be replaced by the JTEKT brand, effective 1 April 2022.

Koyo Jtekt identity

Reasons for rebranding koyo

With this identity change, JTEKT plans to generate technology synergies through brand unification, facilitate and pursue cross-selling activities, and create synergies between groups.

This brand unification is being done to remove barriers between business units, ensure sustainable growth beyond the next 100 years, and provide more efficient and customer-oriented services.

"We believe this transformation of Koyo into the JTEKT brand has great significance and is part of our 'evolution' into becoming a true solution partner for all our customers."

Implications for Koyo

Note that this is only a rebranding. This means that the company, its overall structure, products and services will remain the same. Customers will not have to worry. As in the past, they can rely on the established service and maintain the same business relationships.

Regarding the brand transition, please note that although the official date of this corporate rebranding is April 1, 2022, the actual introduction of the new JTEKT branded products and the phasing out of the Koyo brand will be subject to a gradual process, well beyond this date.

For those curious, you can find a dedicated webpage for this partner here → KOYO page

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