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Promotion code: ITA750

Free delivery

3 gift vouchers of €10 each

How to benefit from this offer? It's so easy! Log in to your existing customer account or create one now. Enter the promotional code at checkout, and voilà! Three unique gifts await you with your delivery.

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If you don't have a code, don't worry! Simply contact our technical sales representative, who will be happy to provide you with one!

How it works

To benefit from the code, follow these 3 simple steps:

Log on to itafran.com or create an account in just a few clicks

Add to your basket a minimum of 750 of products

In the 3rd step of the shopping cart, enter the code code ITA750 to apply the discount

Your gifts will be included with your delivery

With promo code ita750

Don't miss out on your end-of-year gift 2023 on your next order from 750€purchase.

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