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Our machine park which is composed of 200 production machines on 6000m2, allows us to offer you manufacturing solutions from one unit to large series.
in reactivity: Send your plan directly to our workshop designer. Except in special cases, you will get an answer within 4 hours from our technical sales staff!

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  • De surface / Thermique
  • Anodisation / Fortal HR
  • Electro-zingage
  • Phosphatation


  • Medium-hard steel
  • Pre-treated steel
  • Stainless steel / Bronze
  • Cast iron / Aluminium

Complete manufacturing

  • Wheels, Pinions, Shafts, Crowns :
    straight, helical and herringbone teeth, inside and outside. Module 0.5 to 35, quality ISO 4
  • Bevel sprockets : straight and slanted teeth
  • Sprockets for roller and vane chains : pitch from 6.35 to 76.2
  • Pulleys and bars for toothed belts for all pitches
  • Racks with straight and helical teeth module 1 to 12
  • Bronze wheels and worms
  • Splined shafts

Maximum production capacity

  • Turning: Ø 1500mm
  • Cylindrical grinding: Ø 1500mm
  • Cutting: Ø 2600mm; module 35
  • Gear grinding: Ø 2600mm
  • Milling: 2500mm x 800mm x 500mm
  • Broaching, Slotting: stroke 150
  • Mortising: Ø 600mm; stroke 250